Have you reached a crossroads – where next to take your wedding DJ business?

Have you reached the crossroads?


Ever since 2002 I have been reaching out to, and connecting with, fellow mobile DJs who are passionate about weddings. Along the way I met with, and worked with, one way or another, over three hundred people who wanted to change something about what they did or how they did it in their DJ business.


what works for me

Where next


Some of those DJs started out being very enthusiastic and were like a sponge eager to soak up nuggets of information gleamed from seminars, articles, books and workshops. Many stayed in touch and continued to evolve and transform their businesses by implementing changes, taking risks and networking with fellow professionals via social media, DJ associations and commercial events like BPM, Pro-Mobile Conference and Mobilebeat Show Las Vegas.


Unfortunately not everyone continued on the journey. Some decided that they had arrived at their destination and no longer needed to pursue continued education, training and support. They were happy with their lot and didn’t see a need to update, refresh or review developments in current thinking. They have missed out substantially because the wedding industry is constantly changing. Brides and Bridegrooms are becoming more and more educated regarding the services they require and how to control the process of hiring suppliers on their terms.

work / life balance


Getting in front of potential clients has become more difficult and communicating what you do and how you do it has become far more of a technical challenge as much as an exercise in social media marketing.


I believe now is the time to regroup and take a fresh look at the current market place. The time is right for a bringing together of the best brains we have to take stock, evaluate and share solutions to current issues. Therefore I am currently organising an event that will take place over a couple of days in November that will focus exclusively on wedding specialist DJs. This will be like no other event ever staged in the United Kingdom.

Holiday Inn Reading

Holiday Inn Reading

This event will be;

A] A wedding DJ Masterclass

B] A Think Tank were not only ideas are shared but debated openly by delegates.

C] An opportunity for you to nominate topics for debate and explore potential.

D] A unique experience allowing you to question successful DJs regarding their journey, their decisions, their business models and their investment in self-development.


My objective for the Wedding DJ Think Tank is to re-connect and re-enthuse specialist wedding DJs to get back on track, push on, and address those things that have been pushed to the back burner.


We are assembling a great team of presenters for both days. More topics and presenters will be added shortly. I urge you to make the mind-shift decision to join us on one, if not both days. Only like-minded people will be in the room. Only people who have already supported education content based events will be allowed to attend.


The clock is ticking. I have limited time available. My fellow presenters also have busy schedules and are rarely to be found in one place at the same time. Please grab this opportunity and let’s see if we can kick start a new round of  positivity going forward into 2017.


On a personal note I would love to see some of my original workshop colleagues attend and share their experiences. Many of them have moved on to bigger and better things. Some have benefited from training offered by some fantastic mentors and coaches. It would be great to hear them share their journey and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Many Thanks



Reading Holiday Inn

Sunday November 13 and / or Monday November 14

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