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As of April 2017 I will no longer be organizing workshops in the UK

If groups, organizations or Individual people would like me to present a seminar or provide coaching, critique and mentoring services please contact me for more information, fees and availability

 DJ Ride Along

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Honest Critique and “Tough Love”

DJ Ride-along opportunity

Since I started my DJ Mentor 365 program over 60 DJs have subscribed and spent anything from a couple of months to the entire year benefiting from one to one coaching and personal development.

In the past year I have come to the conclusion that VIDEO is king. Video on websites and social media is proving to be a very persuasive method of communicating value and more importantly your DIFFERENCE.

Yet DJs struggle to get video content, and when they do it is often only footage of people dancing, which is hardly unique.

Video of your performance, your introductions, your spotlight moments and your spontaneous interaction with guests works on lots of levels, not least for review and critique. The camera never lies. Watching videos of DJs in action has highlighted many areas where staging, direction and presentation could be improved immensely with just minor changes.

I have decided to bring my knowledge, experience and expertise to you. You now have the opportunity to have me ride along with you, be the fly on the wall, and record your performance. The following day we will analyse the footage and I will provide constructive ideas to help improve and create more dynamic and engaged spotlight moments.

Limited availability

I will only be able to do this for a handful of DJs. A lot will depend on where and when you decide to use this strictly confidential service.

The cost for this service is £ 750 [subject to travel and accommodation costs] This means that I expect mostly to be able to offer this service for the all inclusive price of £750 however at peak times of year travel and accommodation can be more expensive so please treat this as a guide price. Price applies only to U.K and Ireland.

Special Deal

Arrange a date between Monday June 26th and Monday 10th of July  or October 16th and October 30th and expect to pay in the region of £500 as I will already be in the UK visiting family and friends.

It includes my time, both formal and informal consultation. I would plan to arrive in your town early afternoon on the day of the event and book into a local hotel. You would be required to arrange to collect me and transport me to your home / venue for the event. The following morning we would meet and review the video footage. I will supply you with copies of the video clips. A formal written report will also be provided within a week of the ride along.

At no time will I use any of the recordings for promotional marketing. They will remain totally confidential and private. If required I will delete all content upon request.

On-going support and additional coaching would be provided via email and Skype.

I would expect to depart around lunchtime the day after the event.

Pay no money now, simple register your interest by sending dates to me via email with, “DJ Ride Along” as the subject line. When and if I can propose a suitable date I will contact you. The service will then be secured with a deposit of £100. The balance will fall due 14 days prior to the event.

Deposit can be paid via PayPal button bellow

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