DJ Business health Check 24 – £99

Have you reviewed the business side of your DJ services recently?

Business health check

Health Check 24

What is your diary looking like compared to last year at this moment in time?

Have you clearly defined your market and do you communicate your value to shoppers?

Were you surprised or shocked when you calculated your net profit for last year’s hard work?

Are you constantly battling with price shoppers, maybe you are attracting the wrong type of customer?


As you may be aware I have previously owned and operated a DJ business with a turnover in excess of £100,000

I have helped hundreds of mobile DJs avoid common mistakes and improve what they do and how they do it. I believe DJs are badly rewarded for what they do and very often it is their love for their music which often prevents them from raising their rates or realising opportunities to get more work.


Why not let me help you?

How are you doing

Your performance

As well as being a mobile DJ for the past 40 years I have also had parallel careers in Sales and Management with Currys and General Motors. Currently I am helping over 30 UK mobile DJs to improve all areas of their business with an ongoing development mentoring and coaching programme called DJ Mentor 365. This may not be ideal for everyone as you may not have the time or the inclination to subject yourself to such intense scrutiny – so I have come up with an alternative.


DJ Business rewiew 24

do you need a coach?

Coaching available

In one day I will review all of your visable business activity.

This will include a review of your Facebook, twitter and other social media interaction.

I will also take a critical look at your website and provide a detailed written report on my findings.

We will also have a pre-review conversation to identify what your thoughts are about your current business operation.

There will also be a second conversation upon the conclusion of my report with a view to formulating an optional development plan.

All communication will be confidential and constructive.


The cost of my services will be £99.

This is far and away less than the true market value of such a review. Typically this kind of service would cost in excess of £500 in any other industry. However I always endevoured to make my products and services affordable and great value for money.


Drop me a note and we can set a suitable time and date for our exploritary call and set the wheels in motion.

[PS: members of my DJ Mentor 365 group already have the benefit of this service as part of the programme albeit in a slightly different structure]

Follow this link to sign-up for your business health check or click on the paypal button

Sign up via Paypal here


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