About Me and my book.

About the author

This is me

Derek pengelly
AKA wedding DJ
David Summers

Full Time wedding Disc Jockey.

Living on the island of Cyprus in Paphos.

Married to Carol Pengelly.

Wedding / Party / Personality Mobile DJ.

Started way back in the 70’s and now semi-retired.

advocate for mobile Djs in the UK.

Mentor and trainer for those who wish not to reinvent the wheel.

New e-book for Brides and specialist wedding DJs

Wedding Day Secrets

Facts the Industry would prefer you didn’t know

Part 1: Dreams into Reality

1: The Best Kept Secret

2: Your Wedding / Your Way

3: Top tips for a stress-free wedding day

4: The Average Wedding

5: The Party Host

6: Civil Ceremonies

7: Civil partnerships and same-sex marriage

8: The Venue

9: Drinks Reception & the Wedding Breakfast

10: The Wedding Cake


Part 2: The Evening Reception


11: Get the Party Started

12: Your First Dance

13: The Buffet

14: The Bouquet Toss

15: Playlists

16: Live Entertainment

17: Questions to ask a Party Host

Before Your Hire Them

18: Destination Weddings – Married Abroad.


On sale as a Kindle download, free Apps for viewing on any smart phone, laptop, PC or i-pad

revised edition july 2014

revised edition july 2014













Order from Amazon UK, USA or Australia.


Author of the book – Wedding Marketing For DJs

On Sale Now

Get your copy from the Pro Mobile Book Shop Here

new book cover front

creator of the DJ workshop – Wedding Marketing for DJs

Updated and revised – Wedding Marketing for DJs Reloaded 2012

At the Meeting unlock the cash – a workshop to help DJs communicate their value to prospective clients.

DJ Workshop The Specialist Wedding DJ A to Z

New for 2014: Time to get serious about Introductions – a performance workshop teaching how to grab attention and create focus in a room. Make every announcement entertaining and effective!

Founding member of the National association of Disc Jockeys.

Past chairman and development officer for NADJ.

Trained under the amazing Mr Mark Ferrell.

Keen fan and follower of Peter Merry, Jim Cerone, Bill Hermann, Randy Bartlett & Scott Favor

Big cricket fan and interested in F1 motor racing.

News and current affairs addict and reader of science fiction and horror stories.

One Comment on “About Me and my book.”

  1. Roger Ferguson says:

    Hi Derek,
    Could you please give me your email address as I need to contact you about an event in Crete. Thanks, Roger Ferguson, (We’ve met at ProMobile events previously) Thanks!

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