Never Underestimate The Power of Thank You

Building relationships through gratitude

thank you

thank you

  • Be sincere
  • Be different
  • Say Thank you.
  • Go the extra mile
  • Personalise your message
  • Stay in-touch with clients
  • Keep in their minds
  • Generate referrals
  • Best of old and new technology

There is nothing better than sending a thank-you card or an Anniversary card to a Bride and Groom following their wedding.

Cards are displayed, kept and talked about.

Our cards are created on your computer, smart phone or tablet. They are printed and personalised with your message and inserted into an envelope and a real stamp is applied.

SendOutCards place it in the mail and your postman delivers it in the traditional way.

More cards

Cards for all occasions


Albany lions hotel wedding

Albany lions hotel wedding

1st anniversary

1st anniversary

Get started sending personalised cards with our new 2015 offer

Dip your toe into the water and take a three month trial for a special one -off price.

Get your “Splash Pack” starter kit which includes 25 custom cards for only £25

All you need to add is the postage for each card which is $1.15 or about £0.75 at current exchange rates.

Actually your first two cards will benefit from FREE postage so you can test the system and see the results for yourself.

So have we got you interested?

Would you like to get started sending custom thank you cards for a £1 a piece or less plus postage?

Order your SPLASH PACK today and I will show you how simple it is to get started. You will receive training on our photo-shop editing system and contact-manager which keeps track of your cards and contacts.

Your three month trial, with 25 cards costs £25

You buy your international postage direct from SendoutCards in $5 bundles via registered debit or credit card.

Building your business based on gratitude and referrals is the smart way to target clients and sell more to people who already know you.

Why waste money on “Blind” advertising when you can concentrate on your existing and past clients who will be only too happy to recommend you?








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