Your customer only needs one good reason to book you.

Your customer only needs one good reason to book you – do you know what it is?

Mobile DJs are not alone in thinking that all of their competitors are undercutting their prices and that the whole world is looking for the cheapest option.

However I would argue that many DJs are blinded by this simple assumption and as a result are blinkered  as to the actual reality of the situation when a potential customer makes contact.

Unfortunately very few of our fellow DJs realise that what they offer is a SERVICE and not a PRODUCT. They continue to take the easy option and market their speakers and lights as an item, “A Disco”. This is further exasperated by the same “Discos” fighting for exposure on numerous collective web sites which promise the visitor a large selection of “Discos” to choose from.

Little wonder then the result is a prospective client sees no DIFFERENCE between the “Discos” and shops on price alone.

If you are suffering from persistent price shoppers you really do need to reassess your marketing and examine the kind of client you are being exposed to. You also need to stop marketing your “Disco” and start pushing yourself forward because the only DIFFERENCE between you and the others is YOU.

You can’t be hired for less than your chosen fee. Yes you can get another “Disco” but that is not the same as hiring you. You are the DIFFERENCE. Your expertise and your experience, your Skill and wait for it = your TALENT can not be purchased for less.

Your TALENT comes at a premium which deserves to be valued. You need to be blowing your own trumpet more and educating your clients as to the DIFFERENCE between YOU and the competition.

Be confident and agree with people when they enquire as to your availability. “Yes you can get a cheaper “Disco” locally. I personally know of dozens locally, however I would not recommend any of them”.

Explain, “All of my clients last year knew they could have hired a DJ for less but chose not to!

The simple fact of the matter is – Customers only need one good reason to book you. The challenge is for you to understand what that one reason is.

Do the research and check with your past satisfied clients. Ring them up, thank them for their business and ask them a simple question, “why did they book you, what was it that convinced them to hire you”?

Better still break your simple survey into two groups. One group who have booked you but you have not yet done the event and the other group where you have completed the booking. You only need call about half a dozen in each group. I suspect the answers will be very revealing. I also suspect that the answers will not be what you think they may have been.

Use the answers to define what it is about you that is DIFFERENT from a client’s perspective and use their answers in your marketing.

Remember clients only need one good reason to book you and “price” you will be happy to know is not the primary reason. Price is a contributory factor but only an important one when compared with quality and value. We have all regretted buying the cheapest in the past. Your clients are no different from you. Fortunately you are in a position to help them from making a mistake. It’s down to you to focus your marketing and address the situation because if you don’t you will be lost in the maze of other “Discos” who simply roll over and compete on price alone.

It’s time to tell Sid to take a hike and stay out of your business. It’s time to distance yourself from where Sid is lurking. It’s time to target your clients and to decide who you would like to work for and which venues you would like to work in. Leave Sid to the Bars, Pubs and Social clubs and start looking for clients who appreciate quality and are prepared to pay more for professionalism.

Start building relationships with venues, photographers, florists, cake makers and Dress hire shops. Get your face and name known to as many people as possible who are in a position to recommend you. PERSONALISE your marketing. We DJs offer a very personal service. There is only one of you. Only you do what you do in the way you do it. There is no competition. You are unique.

Market your DIFFERENCE and let your clients make their decision.

After all, they only need one good reason to book you and that reason, I believe, is YOU!


2 Comments on “Your customer only needs one good reason to book you.”

  1. DB wedding DJ says:

    Fantastic advice Derek.

  2. Hey Derek, It feels like a battle at the moment with the whole price issue, im sure its been going on for years but i’ve only been in the game for 4 of them. your message is echoed in the right circles. I will definitely take on board your advice for my mobile disco service.treat your business as a unique service not a commodity. see what i’m up to

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