The January workshops – a review

A new begining

This year i brought in the New Year at The Beaufort Park Hotel In Mold, North Wales and found myself the following day on a train out of Liverpool heading down to Southampton. My latest workshop “Specialist Wedding DJ A-Z” was to be launched on January 2nd.

I was excited and nervous. When i write a workshop I have little idea as to who will be sitting in front of me on the day. Many of those in attendance had been to previous workshops while for one or two this would be their first time at such an event. This means the content has to be flexible enough to be relevant to beginners and experienced DJs as well as challenging enough to be interesting and stimulating to all.

On the day of the workshop there is always time upon arrival for informal chat over coffee and a chance to put delegates at ease while I prepare the documents and set up my computer and sound system. This half hour also helps me “Get into the zone” and focus on the day ahead.

My primary objective when presenting and hosting a workshop is to engage everyone in the room. I encourage people to speak out and interrupt / interject at any time. The difference between a workshop and a seminar is that there is INTERACTION. The delegates provide valuable content by sharing their knowledge and experiences just as much as I do.

Surprisingly It’s amazing how quiet and subdued a group of DJ s can be at ten o’clock in the morning! however if I get the introductions right and the first topic presented hits the spot then the room quickly comes alive. By the time we get to our morning break for more tea & coffee the room has a “Buzz” and the cross conversations are flowing. Often the information & views shared over coffee produce little golden nuggets which delegates can take away and add to their armoury of expertise.

During the workshop i show video clips from other leading DJ trainers and advocates. Glimpses of material available from Peter Merry, Jim Cerone, Randy Bartlett, Mark Ferrell & Rick Brewer are often included as well as material from You Tube featuring British and American DJs.


The current workshop focuses on opportunities for a DJ at a wedding. It goes into great detail about what actually happens at such an event and concentrates on what happens if a dj is NOT involved. Weddings are in danger of having all of the fun and emotion stripped from them by chain hotels who treat wedding as little more than, as DJ Dave Windsor describes them, “an expensive meal”.

Brides “Don’t know what they don’t know” and only you, the DJ, will be the one to tell them the reality of the implications of not hiring you “the Expert” Specialist Wedding DJ / Host.

Throughout the day we examine each segment of a wedding. opportunities abound for an interactive DJ who understands how music can add to the energy, dynamics and emotion of the ceremony itself as well as introductions and Toasts. It’s not long before delegates appreciate that they can bring unique skills and talent to a wedding reception. DJs who understand and appreciate the responsibility placed in them can reap many rewards not least financial by offering to be involved in the planning, production and coordination of the may ceremonies which make up the wedding day.

Step out of your comfort zone

The most interesting part of the day for me was when I asked delegates to write a simple introduction. It could be introducing a B&G onto the dance floor or an introduction into the room. I also add a little twist to this to make it more challenging and interesting. Its amazing how this seemingly simple exercise can produce very varied results. DJs in a small room among their peers can find this task difficult. It’s strange and uncomfortable for them. However the workshop is the best place they can do this. Practise and rehearsal are vital to getting things right and making things better. If you can’t do this in a rom of colleagues and friends how can you do it elsewhere without benefiting from positive critique and support.

By the end of the day the delegates are filled with ideas and have seen for themselves just how they can implement simple changes to what they are currently doing which enhance their performance and which brides will value.

Feedback has been very good.

Within a few days I had taken the workshop to Southampton, Reading, Maidstone and Glasgow. Around fifty Djs attended and many have already seen a change in their business. One attendee has managed, within a week, to secure two events at a significantly higher fee then previously and also booked his first all day wedding.

I was so pleased the other day to receive this testimonial from a DJ who has attended a number of my workshops. If you have any reservations about attending one of my events Dale’s story should overcome them.

An attendee wrote on January 25

2/3 years ago, a local DJ told me that he heard a rumour that a mobile DJ in the Liberty stadium in Swansea was getting ‘XXX’ much [per gig), which was more than double what the local average was. We chatted about how AMAZING it would be to earn that amount per gig but came to the conclusion that the DJ or the rumour was full of BS (lol).

About a year after the above conversation, I came to hear of Mr Pengelly and after reading numerous recommendations I attended a 2 day workshop run by him ( Wedding Marketing & Unlock the cash).

I was pretty quiet for the 2 days. I sat there like a sponge taking in as much as I could.

Over the last 12 months I implemented the changes in my business, took further workshops to increase my skill set, and had advice on tap from Derek whenever needed.

Last year was great for me. I took a number of weddings at fee’s I thought only household club DJs could earn, not local wedding DJs. The best thing is though that my job is MUCH better, I am appreciated more, valued more and feedback is better than ever.

Today I have a bride and groom coming to my home at 10.30 to finalize contracts and pay the deposit.

The deposit is the amount I charged 3 years ago and the overall fee is just under double what that DJ was ‘apparently’ earning at the stadium.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Mr Derek Pengelly – THANK YOU

Thank you for Showing me a new way

Thank you for making my customers value me

Thank you for making my job even more enjoyable

Thank you for showing me how to earn a livable wage

Thank you for changing my lifestyle – YES – my lifestyle has changed.


Good News – New workshop dates for March 2013

I have added three more dates and one provisional date – location to be confirmed.

Enter discount code “DAP” to get £10 off your ticket place.

Tuesday March 19th in Reading

Thursday March 21st in Bolton

Sunday March 24th in Leeds

25 -28th March? TBA – somewhere in the midlands

Thanks for your support:

If you can’t attend a workshop but would like an insight into the topics covered and a condensed presentation of the event including hints and tips on how you can become a Specialist Wedding DJ there is a CD / MP3 download available for £9.99

Buy it on Ebay here


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