When it comes to learning It pays to travel

small workshop group

watching a video clip

As I prepare to embark on my return to the UK, and put the finishing touches to my new workshop for mobile DJ wedding specialists, I am reminded of the objections some people have toward traveling outside of their locality for education and training.

It appears everyone wants a workshop in their town. I understand how convenient this would be however my experience is that generally it’s impractical and almost impossible to accommodate such requests. Unfortunately  there are not enough mobile DJs interested in such events at the moment.

Ironically attending a seminar or workshop in your own market could work against you. Very often travelling to another area allows you to meet and share with people who are not your competition, or at least perceived as such.

My workshops held in Birmingham were well supported. DJs from all over the UK came together to learn and share without concern that they would be giving away their secrets to others who may use them to poach potential clients.

It’s refreshing to note that mobile DJs such as Alan Marshall. Mark Walsh, Eddie Short, Brian Mole, Barney Grossman, Martin Keogh, Gary Evans, Gary Jones, Adam Forgie, Clive Hodghton, Simon Fletcher, Sandy Sounds & Paul Smith and many more have all seen value, as I did in 2002, of traveling to the USA in search of knowledge and training.

MobileBeat 2012 Classroom style

an interactive sesssion

Thankfully ten years later people like Toby Oakley, Brian Marshall, Mark Walsh, Brian Mole,Ken Savage & Brian Roe as well as Johnathan Lewis are breaking new ground and providing more education and training for mobile DJs.

NADJ, SEDA and AMPDJ are all offering practical support to help DJs benefit from the wealth of expertise which is abundant in the UK today. They regularly organise events throughout the year where members and guests are invited to develop their skills and learn about new products and latest technological developments.

Up and coming opportunities in 2013 begin with my workshops in January followed by MobileBeat Las Vegas in February. March sees the BPM / Pro-Mobile weekend conference in Oxfordshire which features “The Perfect Host” Jim Cerone. April and May sees the return of Mark Ferrell to the UK with a series of workshops  teaching and coaching the art of being a professional Master of Ceremonies.

As I write this blog places are filling steadily for my Wedding DJ  workshop in Southampton, Maidstone and Glasgow while Reading is almost sold out. Reading is a place I have held previous events and many of the attendees are repeat customers.

The reality of the situation is that many of the DJs in the room will have travelled anything up to a hundred miles to be there. Most will have travelled around forty miles or so. Yet within an hour or so of the start of the workshop I can guarantee that the idea of protecting their secrets will have melted away.

Attending a workshop will enable you to embrace the notion of fraternity. You are all in business together but you are not in competition with each other. How can you compare another DJ to yourself. He is different. He has different skills, level of expertise and experience. He may do similar things but he will do them differently to you. More importantly the clients he wishes to attract are most certainly different from the ones you may wish to work for.

Another point to remember is that typically in a workshop there are usually a dozen or fewer attendees. In any city on  a weekend how many weddings are there likely to be taking place. How many venues are licensed for civil ceremonies? How many churches are there to choose from? There are plenty of opportunities for all, especially for those DJs who wish to specialise and be identified as different from the rest.

So, whilst it may well pay you to get out of your comfort zone and visit another area I understand sometimes this is not possible. If one of my workshops is being attended primarily by “Local” DJs I will go out of my way to put attendees at ease. Nobody need share a “secret”. There will be more than enough ideas and content for you to take away. I will be sharing not only my own content but also I will be showing you where you can get more support from experts in the UK and overseas.

Travelling outside of your locality can be seen as inconvenient however for me this is more than offset by the new, fresh environment which adds to the experience. Meeting new people in the same business and exploring how they deal with situations common to us all is refreshing. Remember too, all travel and costs associated with learning are legitimate business expenses which can be offset against tax.

It’s not very often the Tax Man gets to pay for something of benefit to you

Until next time………….


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  1. Just realised which Derek it is! love the audio training, sorry to have missed the training that happened recently

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