Get Connected

How well are you really connected with your prospective customers?

In the early days before the internet mobile DJs or “Discos” would place advertisements in the local press and also be listed in directories like Yellow Pages or The Thompson Directory. Since the introduction of the internet these advertisements have largely disappeared to be replaced by websites and “catch-all” portal sites designed to capture leads and forward or re-direct the client to the DJ service.

So nothing has really changed. The process is one where the disco places itself in public view and awaits potential clients to find it in among the dozens, hundreds and thousands of other DJ services to be found on the world-wide web. In fact the situation is probably worse now because of the sheer number of businesses who use the internet for marketing.

However all of this new technology tends to still be mainly one way. Traffic is being driven to your site. However most of that traffic is derived from mass marketing. Very few of the visitors will actually be converted to customers.

So how do you connect with potential clients?

I would suggest that you have to go and find them. Identify who you want to provide services for and then research where they hang out. Which shops bo they use, which restaurants do they eat in, what hairdressers / stylists / beauty / grooming parlors do they frequent.  For wedding DJs this would include which Bridal shops, venues, photographers, cake makers, chocolate fountain suppliers and wedding car operators. All of these suppliers are constantly talking to their customers. Usually they have secured their client early on in the process of making arrangements for the wedding. Alas choosing the entertainment is further down the list which is not good. However by being connected with these service providers hopefully they will be able to refer and recommend you and your DJ service to their client.

Targeting brides who are already shopping for services is more proactive. Just think about the number of customers there are out there who you never get a chance to contact. How many weddings are there each weekend in your town or city? I’ll bet most DJs have no idea. How many are slipping through your fingers? You can’t be in more than one place at a time so it makes perfect sence to have a trusted professional relationship with as many other professions as possible.

Who is talking about you right now.?

What about all of the other professions who may come into contact with a future bride today? Financial advisors, insurance salesmen, travel agents, printers, florists, marquee hire and outside caterers are just a few who spring to mind. How well are you connected to these businesses. Do they know what you do/ are they confident and happy to recommend you? Will they mention you without being prompted?

A third-party referral is very powerful.

Imagine when the phone rings or you receive the email and the person opens the conversation with, “I was talking with my hairdresser and she told me to call you”. Not only is the caller a genuine hot lead it is also a qualified lead. It comes with a recommendation which instills value from the outset. The following conversation will be about how you can serve the callers needs and believe me price will not be a major factor.

Easier said than done?

Like many simple ideas the theory is fine, unfortunately the practise of turning theory into reality requires hard work and will take time and substantial effort to achieve. I am currently working with a small group of independent DJ s who have dedicated themselves to building relationships both inside and outside of the wedding industry. We will be working together to create an environment where third-party referrals will become their main source of business. The aim is for them to slowly reduce their large-scale web activity and replace it with an entirely performance & referral based model for generating new business. If you would like to join us in this venture please contact me



Wedding Marketing for Mobile DJs





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