what is it with Karaoke and Mobile DJs?

How did it come to this?

Almost all DJs insist that they do what the do  in order  to fill a dance floor. They are passionate about their music selection and their ability to mix music seamlessly. So why would they want to get involved with hosting what is basically a talent show or lack of talent show to be more precise?

Karaoke first became popular in Asia. The idea was designed for self-entertainment. Small rooms or booths were constructed which had the equipment required installed and people paid by the hour to rent the facility. This was ideal and meant that only those in the booth were inflicted by the others. It was essentially a private form of entertainment.

Soon household versions of Karaoke machines where on the market. The idea, once again, was to allow individuals the opportunity to sing within the privacy of their own home in the company of friends and family.

So how did this phenomenon transcend to the public house or wedding reception. Why did there suddenly need to be a host or operator? More importantly why did DJs want to forego their talent and skill in order to allow complete strangers to use their PA systems and abuse their microphones. What is the satisfaction of an empty dance floor and a tuneless singer?

Could it be I wonder that incorporating karaoke into a disco evening is a lazy cop-out? Is it the case that the DJ knows it is difficult to keep a dance floor filled for five hours? Maybe allocating a couple of hours to karaoke is a way to warm-up an audience in such a way as to almost being grateful when it comes to open dancing to the latest hot tunes?

You may have already guessed that this is written with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek but non the less there must be a good reason as to why DJs like karaoke so much. Where I live almost every bar offers karaoke. Even solo singers and double acts now offer karaoke as part of their evening entertainment. Again I ask you, why would a professional singer want to share a stage with an incompetent amateur?

Yes, I know people like to see others cringe and suffer. I understand the attraction of karaoke. What I can’t understand is why professional entertainers have been dragged into the whole process. Why can’t karaoke be as was originally intended and be do-it-yourself?

And before you ask, yes i have hosted karaoke parties in the past. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt and have moved on. It’s a shame others have not!




10 Comments on “what is it with Karaoke and Mobile DJs?”

  1. Tony Winyard says:

    Agreed Derek. It’s the devils music as far as I’m concerned and wouldn’t go near it with a barge pole!

  2. Peter Walsh says:

    Derek as you know , I love Karaoke. I don’t think of Karaoke as a Talent Show….more like Audience Participation. I told you a long time ago , that you had a Great Voice , for Radio. I still think that. Just a couple of things to back up Karaoke 1) Audience participation 2 ) Audience selection 3) Talent appreciation 4) The bringing together of friends 5) Involvement of Guests 6) It’s a laugh ! 7) Creates a “Good Feeling” for ALL involved…which is Priceless. Why should Good Dancing be the Be all and End all……of a night…..and as you said yourself…..regardless of How Good a DJ is…..he cannot know what time the audience are going to get involved with the evening ……and Dance…..as every Celebration and every event are different. I believe a good DJ can set a Happy Balance…..and Dictate what time the Karaoke goes on to….and what time the Disco Dancing starts….along with the Slowies etc. Not trying to Rock your boat mate….you are an Excellent DJ…..and had me rocking on many occasions……But I love Karaoke….and you have to admire the Industry it inspired. The problem now to me though….is Karaoke Shows on TV…..are ruling the Record Industry…..and re churning old hits as Covers. I think we are losing out on originality…..but then …..I like singing and writing and playing my own songs…..so I would , wouldn’t I haha !! Good luck and love to you and Carol….Be Happy and Prosperous Forever xx

  3. In the right environment, karaoke works, pubs and clubs who have monthly or weekly designated nights, the people who go into these venues are going because they want karaoke, when you have it at a party or dare I say it…a Wedding, you will be walking in blind, half of the guests will love it and the other half won’t, not a good mix. In my opinion. I have done karaoke and had some great nights even though I hate it, but all the audience knew it was karaoke.

  4. Lee Dewberry says:

    Totally agree. Great reading! I use to do it if it was requested but never advertised the service as quite frankly I hated the noise produced

    • derekpen says:

      Hi Lee,
      looks like this is a love / hate situation.
      I love playing music and hate it when people assume I’ll do karaoke and let people loose on my equipment.

  5. Chuffing Hog says:

    I’m very rarely

  6. Chuffing Hog says:

    I make no secret of the fact that I detest karaoke. As a DJ, I’m very rarely asked if I do it, but when I respond that I don’t, I’ve never yet lost the booking. If people want to go and be “entertained” by laughing at the drunken antics of their mate with a microphone, that’s fine. Just don’t ask me to suffer as well.

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