DJ web sites – search engine optimisation – Tail wagging the dog?

Is being number one in Google rankings all it is cracked up to be?

As anyone who has ever published a web site will know, it’s not long before you are inundated with offers by technical wiz guys who promise to get your web site to the top of the search engine rankings and keep it there.

I must point out that I have very little knowledge of how this position can be achieved. I do know that the search engine companies are constantly changing their criteria for their rankings systems and that logically this means that a web site will  need to be constantly tweaked in order to maintain its position. This will require a great deal of time and I guess money.

However, what if a dozen DJs in your area all accepted the services of an SEO expert. How can you all be number one on any given day? Would you be happy to land on the first page of results and content to float up and down the rankings depending on the changes made to the other web sites.


If your ranking is enhanced by the number of links to other web sites why is it that many DJ web sites provide links to their competitors? I don’t see the point of successfully attracting a surfer to your website only to invite them to click away to a “Find a DJ” web portal which may carry not only your information but contact details for dozens of your competitors too.

Are “Find a disco” portal sites a good idea?

On first glance the idea of being listed on one of these sites makes a lot of sence. A potential client can find your contact details within a few clicks. This is attractive to those looking for a dj, it saves them time. The DJ likes the idea because more people can find his details. Perfect! Well not really because the same person can now also see your competitors details too.

Is the tail wagging the dog?

If a potential client can obtain the details of dozens of DJs with a couple of clicks he is likely to view them as commodities. He can put his requirements out to tender and will expect the laws of supply and demand to kick in. In other words a dutch auction. No wonder many DJs who subscribe to these portal web sites complain that the quality of the leads are poor, or are basically price shoppers.

Is there a better way?

I guess it would be better to have visitors to DJ portal web sites click a direct link to your web site. Direct links are usually part of a more expensive subscription, however the extra cost can easily be justified if you can track a visitor and convert them to a customer. Check your statistics regularly to monitor where visitors to your web site came from and more importantly which pages they are reading.

Quality over quantity.

I would rather have thirty visitors a month to my web site who clicked on the “Book here” or “contact me” button than a couple of hundred who simply clicked away after looking around. The real content of your site will ultimately determine if the visitor likes what he sees. If your site is informative and attractive to your target market they will want to contact you in order to gain more information or go ahead with booking you.

Who are you targeting?

Maybe the problem with many DJ web sites is that they are trying to be all things to all visitors. Not everyone is your customer and not every visitor will like what they find on your web site. If you spread your marketing message too thinly it will be of no surprise that visitors don’t understand what you are trying to communicate. perhaps you need to start thinking like a client? What are they looking for? how will they react to your web pages?

Target Groups & Market Research.

Before you publish a site or embark on a rebuild why not seek out the views of other people? Do not pre-judge. Ask your friends and family and work colleagues to take a look and offer constructive feedback. It will save you lots of pain in the long run and will enable you to focus on what real people really want from a DJ web site.

Best of luck,




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