Why are Mobile disc jockeys obsessed with pricing?

When did you last book a DJ for your family party, company event or wedding reception.?

Chances are you have never hired a Dj or if you have it was probably not recently.So when you search the Internet or thumb through yellow pages the only indication of pricing you will get is from the DJs themselves. It is other DJs who create the market and it is also other DJs who damage the market with discounting and impractical pricing.

Some DJs see themselves as a product. They believe that that product is in competition with every other “Disco” in their area and they are convinced that customers want the lowest price. These DJs know other DJs who charge less then they do. They believe that because of this they can never justify charging more. They fail to understand that price is only one factor to be considered.

The potential client will quickly become confused and mesmerised when shopping around different companies. The situation is confounded when you appreciate that the client is not hiring a product but a service. Unfortunately the potential client is looking to hire a “Disco” and doesn’t appreciate that the speakers, lights and music they are seeking comes with a human interface. It is the DJ’s talent in creating an atmosphere through appropriate music programming and interactive use of a microphone which delivers the great entertainment.He or She is unique and can’t be compared to any other service provider.

The challenge for the proactive mobile DJs is to communicate what is different about them. If they can convince the customer that they will deliver a successful and memorable party price becomes less of an issue.  Someone who cares about their client and who can demonstrate a history of satisfied clients will not be subjected to price competition. On the contrary, they will be able to name their own price and stick to it. It is for the customer to decide if you represent outstanding value.

Quality  isn’t expensive, It’s priceless.

’till the next time…


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