Mobile DJ web Sites – who are they supposed to impress?

It may be me being picky but I believe a lot of these service providers have lost the plot.Looking at many of them they appear to be focused on the tools they use to create their service. Photographs of equipment and dark rooms filled with effect lights are only stating the obvious. Yes you have sound equipment and lighting but why should I book you?

Generally there is a tendency for the site to be anonymous. Oh, they talk about what they do, or what we offer without ever saying who they, or we, are. Its surprising how many do not feature the full name of the owner or a photograph of the DJ and a postal address so the viewer can get an idea of where the business is located.

If I were looking to hire a DJ I would want their web site to educate me as to what they can do for me. Just why should I book them? What is so different about them which makes them stand out from the other dozens of discos in the area.There needs to be something which will urge me to pick up the phone and call them or maybe send off an enquiry form.

Going back to the overall look of some of these web sites makes me believe that many are reproducing the darkness in which they operate at night. Web sites with black backgrounds and brightly coloured text do not make for a pleasant reading experience. How many I wonder have been designed by a graphic designer or professional marketing company?

Some sites are much more focused and feature brief descriptions aof what they do and how they can help create the perfect party. They invite potential customers to share their vision and offer testimonials from satisfied customers which support their claims. Images of satisfied clients taken at their party will also instill confidence of the surfer to explore the site further and seek more information.Less is more, hold back some stuff so that the viewer needs to contact you


7 Comments on “Mobile DJ web Sites – who are they supposed to impress?”

  1. Gary DUncan says:

    Phew. I may only be an amateur but my site is plain, with a white background and my photo right there on the front page. At least I got something right!

  2. Martin says:

    I agree – so many DJ sites look and offer the same services and general look.

    I decided to concentrate on the music side of things – something in my opinion that shouldn’t be a USP for a DJ – but it appears it is!

    I have two sites – my first is very specialist the second offes similar music but is more mainstream.

    OK there are plenty of clients that have no particular tastes so are happy with the current chart and classic party tunes – but there are lots of people who are real music fans, that’s a niche market you can really tap into.

    I’d recommend every DJ who has a genre or style they love to either have a separate specialist site dedicated to it or at least a page on their main site.

    For anyone searching for that type of DJ finding your site or page pretty much makes it a no brainer who they are going to call. My conversion rates for direct enquiries are near enough 100%, I think they’ve already made up their mind I offer them something other DJ’s don’t before they even contact me.

    Playing the music you love to a room full of like minded people is one of the greatest feelings you can get.

    • derekpen says:

      I totally agree with you Martin. Too many DJs take a broad brush to their site. If you specialise in one area and target those clients you will be valued by them and seen to be different.

  3. Totally agree with you Derek – when I was researcing sites I came across so many shockers! My site is not perfect and I’m constantly tweaking it and I’m about to launch a blog and make multiple amendments to the text based on insight I have gained through my Adwords campaigns and Analytics… It’s a dynamic indusrty and we need to move and adapt at all times to mirror this.

    • derekpen says:

      Sometimes I wonder if sites are tested on friends and family or previous clients before they are published. Mark, you are so right to be constantly tweeking the content of your site. Alas it is something that many fail to do.

  4. I go along with you actually.. Simply put I suffered from a related problem and put to use that which you had made clear to and so it helped like magic

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