Generic email addresses can be counter productive

When it comes to using email to communicate between business to business spam filters, whilst a necessary evil in this day and age, can be a real pain. Many bulk email systems will not allow subscribers to us generic addresses so anything which includes the following will be rejected;








The list is endless and most frustrating. Most people with web sites are used to using these types of addresses for general enquiries and often they are the only addresses attached to their product or service.

However reserving a “human” and “unique” address for useful and productive use of business to business e-commerce can therefore be a more effective way of keeping abreast of topics which impact on your business.

So next time you are tempted to subscribe to a blog or newsletter please think on and use an email address unique to you and preferably on personal to you.

You will note that I practice what I preach and now use for all of my Business to business communications.

Have a great Day.




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